Welcome to the home of the North West’s most prestigious properties.  

You may not have heard of us, so why should you choose us over a national chain? 

Yes, Burton James is more like an organic grocer than a budget supermarket, but we’re proud of that. We’re passionate, innovative, and know everything about our local communities. And with 50 years of combined industry experience, you could say this isn’t our first rodeo. 

The Driving Force behind Burton James 

Burton James combines a refined and sophisticated approach to marketing with honest hard work and traditional values that put our clients’ needs first. 

Think of us as the 5-star hotel of estate agency. When you check in with us, our highly experienced specialist team mobilises around your needs to ensure a seamless service. 

As you might expect from a boutique, mould-breaking agency, we advertise through our actions rather than words. Your success is our calling card! Our founder, David Warburton, built his other thriving businesses on the back of customer referrals too.

So, who are we anyway?

We just mentioned our founder and managing director, David Warburton. He has spent the last 20 years mastering every role the industry threw at him. In 2015, he set up a sales, lettings and finance company, which is still going strong today.

Not one to rest on his laurels, David decided it was time to return to his lifelong passion for unique and characterful homes. Acting as a curator for the region’s most prestigious properties seemed the best way to achieve this. 

In keeping with the vision of a deluxe estate agency, David handpicked team members who either share his expertise or have outstanding transferable skills. From home styling, professional photography, and presented video tours to evocative descriptions written by a specialist copywriter, no one in the North West does it like us. 

What We Do that Others Can’t – or Won’t

For one thing, we’re utterly obsessed with detail. Most estate agents cover the basics, but few offer next-level services such as lifestyle photography and full-scale video productions.

At the same time, we refuse to overcomplicate what should be a smooth and straightforward process. Instead, we share our hard-won know-how with you, so you understand the ‘why’ behind every method we employ to sell your beautiful home.

Communication is a core part of our ethos. Call us old-school, but we believe in being available for a face-to-face catch-up or an out-of-hours phone call. As a modern agency, we’ll also invite you to join our mobile app and WhatsApp groups to make it easy to get in touch. 

Ultimately, we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the best price for your unique property. Why? Because we love it. And because Burton James mainly advertises by personal recommendations and referrals, you know we’ll deliver on our promises. 

Are we right for you?

Burton James is not an estate agency for everyone. While we understand the appeal of a lightning-speed, bog-standard listing for the lowest fee, it’s a false economy for high-end homes, so we can’t offer you that. 

Our buyers are hunting for the best money can buy, so we’re not a great fit for standard properties either. But if you have a stand-out home, Burton James is the perfect choice.  

Local & Online

Our office is based in Bury – a market town on the River Irwell in Greater Manchester. David has sold properties across Bolton and North Manchester for many years, and every team member is very familiar with the communities they serve.

Although we hope in time to expand across the region, getting to know its fantastic people and extraordinary homes one village and town at a time, we’re committed to our local roots. Whatever the future holds, we’ll always maximise our ever-expanding online presence to reach buyers across the North West and beyond.