Presenting a Lifestyle

Did you know that video accounts for over 80% of internet traffic?

But this essential marketing tool is not just about pointing a camera. Instead of wasting a valuable opportunity to draw in serious viewers, we create a full-scale production akin to an episode of Location, Location, Location – for your home only.

Presenter-led video tours take buyers on a personal journey, providing a glimpse of the unmissable lifestyle on offer. We also promote the area’s desirable assets, such as proximity to amenities, green open spaces, and well-rated schools.

This virtual pre-viewing is an effective way to whet the appetite. Many people have even told us they weren’t planning to view a property until they saw the video tour. It is simply critical to achieve the best value for your home!

The Production Process

Our professional videographer captures detailed footage using a range of angled lenses and drones. Then we weave the best bits into a unique presentation tailored to your target market.

By helping buyers imagine how they could use or reconfigure spaces to suit their needs, we can draw in serious viewers who already appreciate what they see.

Here’s an example of how we like to do things…

Bentley Meadows

Albert Road West

Rossbrook House