David has been involved in property for over 20 years. He started buying, renovating and selling houses in 2001, but also gained experience as a Landlord and has continued to grow his portfolio of properties. This experience proved vital when he eventually became an Estate Agent in 2009. Working in a corporate environment for a national chain, David started at the bottom and, having mastered several roles, he eventually became an Area Director.

In 2016, David set up his first Estate Agency dealing in both sales and property management, and, in 2017, a Finance company writing mortgages and insurance. He still oversees both of these companies today and has been involved in thousands of sales and lets during his time working in the industry, so he has experience at all levels. 

David’s passion has always been property. As he saw the industry and climate change, he wanted to utilise modern technology but focus on creating an agency capable of providing the highest levels of marketing and exceptional customer service. He believes that communication is critical.

David says;

“For many people, buying, selling or renting a property can feel overwhelming, and I often found the process getting overcomplicated. Yet it didn’t need to. All circumstances are different, and I have always been keen to learn what people are trying to achieve and develop a plan to help them move on to the next chapter of their lives. 

The problem was, in the corporate agency, my hands were somewhat tied in how far I could go with the marketing of a home or the help we could offer. For example, we couldn’t get involved in home staging or create fantastic marketing videos because it was perceived as out of budget and unnecessary. I disagreed. If this was going to get life-changing results for the customer, then it should be a priority. Also, technology was changing – it still is at a fast pace - and how we communicate now is different. I wanted the best technology to ensure that we and, most importantly, our customers weren’t left behind.

So, I decided to go on my own and create an agency focused on the customer. I believe I have put together the best team in the business and that we deliver world-class service and results for our clients. I have three major rules within the team; keep things simple, always give the best advice and make communication a priority. The reviews suggest we’re doing things right, but we never rest on our laurels and always look for new ways to adapt and improve.”

In 2022 David decided to return to his other passion, Unique & Prestige Homes, and Burton James was born. “There is no doubt that homes at the higher end of the market need a different type of marketing. The properties are usually very unique and will appeal to a certain type of buyer, so there is no ‘one size fits all approach.’ You have to understand what the property offers and who is likely to buy it and then tailor a very unique strategy to target those people to get it sold.

Some clients also prefer a low-key marketing strategy where their house isn’t advertised on the major portals etc. So, we use our industry contacts and buyer lists to see where we can make it fit. Burton James offers a more VIP service and is bespoke to each client.”

Favourite Restaurant: This was tough as there are so many good ones in our areas, but I love Cardamom Cream in Ramsbottom and Lal Quila in Prestwich. Sundays are for The Pack Horse at Affetside!

Favourites Things to do: Sundays are my favourite day as it’s a rare time off work and spent with the family. We love days out, perhaps pottering around Ramsbottom, a walk at The Jumbles or Holcombe Moor, and afternoon tea at The Pack Horse (can I mention that twice?)